A downloadable sandbox

Use your hands in VR! 👋

The experience of this sandbox is limited by the hand tracking quality provided by Oculus Quest. To maximize the quality, ensure that the lighting conditions for hand tracking are met. Not too bright and not too dim. See for example Understanding Hand Tracking Limitations or How to improve hand tracking on the Oculus Quest

This sandbox allows you to interact physically with the virtual objects as you would do in real life.  Look how the skin deforms when you grasp objects. Thanks to our soft skin simulation, skin deforms on contact in real-time, adapting better to the objects. You can perceive how the friction between the skin and object helps you to manipulate them.

Touch, grasp, roll … all the natural actions are possible thanks to our hand physics model CLAP, which is able to follow your real hand while colliding with the objects. We love that you can enjoy this experience and we want to hear your impressions 😊.

Although our hand simulation is quite stable, this application might have some sharp edges, sorry for that! We want you to be aware of some known bugs and some unexpected behaviors:

  • Only the right hand is available YET. (sorry left-handers! 🙏) Only one hand is available at the moment. Both hands will be ready soon! 🙌
  • Hand goes through the table so it’s easier to grasp and interact with the objects.
  • Objects don’t collide between them YET.
  • You might have seen an abacus structure in the video. We are working towards releasing that part soon.
  • A fixed skin tone doesn’t represent the diversity of the VR community! We’ll try to bring that diversity also to Handbox and CLAP. 

We are a very small team of two persons working hard on this and we are trying to improve it as we go. We would like to address all these issues together with plenty of ideas that are in our roadmap. We really appreciate your feedback so feel free to reach us to share your thoughts or even suggest new features so you can help us to prioritize the work! (If you prefer, you can also contact us on Twitter).

Also, we would love to see what you are capable of developing, so we are planning on releasing an SDK soon. (Pssst… actually, we have already an SDK in our website CLAPXR.com, but it is a bit old and just works for Leap Motion).

Finally, thanks to the incredible creators who make amazing and wonderful assets and resources! (Music Prod. by Lukrembo).

Note for geeks: If you are interested in the technology of hand simulation (CLAP) that is behind Handbox and you’re into techy stuff, you might like to take a look at our paper 💡.

Enjoy the potential of your hands! 🤙


HandBox 0.0.1 297 MB
Handbox v0.1.0 196 MB

Development log


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how do i play it

(2 edits)

(edit):I am using my quest 2 rn to comment.

What version do i download Handbox 0.0.1 or Handbox v0.1.0

You can download Handbox v0.1.0


beautiful game cant wait for small updates


Thank you! ♥

can you play this on pcvr without  oculus quest?

It wouldn't be possible since we use hand tracking from Oculus Quest 🤔

will oculus quest 2 air link work

We haven't tested it with link cable, so I guess air link won't work either, but we are working already on that! 👌


can u add vive handtracking?

Maybe in the future! 🤞


thanks 😁

yeah uhhh how do you install this?

Hey! You will need Oculus Quest (1 or 2) + SideQuest to try this: https://sidequestvr.com/setup-howto  Hope it helps!

do an update that can track your moves on phone

Is this only for Quest?

At least for the moment, yes. But, if you have Leap Motion (with or without Oculus Rift) you can try something similar downloading it from our website (clapxr.com) :)